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USA: How do I revert to my carrier voicemail?

·           Getting back to your old mobile carrier voicemail is not done by deleting the Touch Voicemail App

·           It requires you to reactivate your old voicemail call settings

If you are travelling overseas please read this.

For many people calling the carrier is the easiest option.

Alternatively for people comfortable having a go themselves please refer to the section “Reactivating your old Voicemail yourself using a GSM Code” at the bottom of this article.

Reactivating your old Voicemail yourself using a GSM Code

If these steps don’t work you will need to contact your carrier.

  1. Go to your phone app that you would use to make a call on your iPhone
  2. Make sure the key pad is selected and enter the GSM code for your mobile carrier. GSM codes are free calls.
  3. Press the green “send” button
  4. Check the words on the screen - you should see the words “success”
  5. Tap DISMISS

If you see the words error – just check that you entered the code exactly as stated including any * or # characters. If this fails again, the best option is to phone your carrier.

Carrier Name

Deactivation Code

AT&T Wireless



*730 and *740



AT&T (Cingular)


Verizon Wireless


Cricket (Leap Wireless)


US Cellular Corp

*900 and *920

Telus Mobility


Rogers Wireless


Bell Mobility


Edge Wireless


Cellular South



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