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What if I travel overseas?

Typically, if your phone is roaming abroad, you are charged for any calls diverted to voicemail. You will then receive an SMS notification and are likely to then make a roaming call to listen to your voicemail.

With Touch Voicemail, calls diverted to voicemail while roaming abroad are charged as if making a call from your location back to your home country. WiFi access (or mobile data roaming) is required to receive Voicemail push notifications, to download and to access your voicemails.

You can minimise any charges by enabling 'unconditional call forwarding' on your iPhone before travelling abroad. With unconditional call forwarding activated, your phone will not ring (in your home country or abroad) and all calls are diverted straight to voicemail. This means the call is still handled in your home country and is not subject to any roaming fees.

Note: In some countries, incoming call information may be presented differently and calls may not always be connected. For these reasons, we recommend using unconditional call forwarding.

Follow these steps on your iPhone to setup unconditional call forwarding:

For New Zealand forward to +64 4 488 0204
For Australia forward to +61 2801 52135
For the United Kingdom forward to +44 203 695 2903


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