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  3. Australia: How do I deactivate Touch Voicemail?

  4. Change your Password

  5. Create an account

  6. Customer Survey Terms & Conditions

  7. Does it cost me money?

  8. During sign up I got an error when I activated - why?

  9. General App Info

  10. Getting your first message

  11. How do I add my own Greeting?

  12. How do I cancel my Touch Voicemail subscription with Apple?

  13. How do I change my subscription?

  14. How do I delete greetings or locations?

  15. How do I delete messages or mark them as read/unread?

  16. How do I get messages to show names not numbers?

  17. How do I play messages through the earpiece?

  18. How do I remove Touch Voicemail and reactivate my carrier Voicemail?

  19. How do I revert to my old voicemail?

  20. How do I setup Touch Voicemail forwarding?

  21. How does Hi voicemail work?

  22. How many Greetings can I have?

  23. How many messages can I have?

  24. How quickly should my messages download?

  25. I am travelling abroad - what should I do?

  26. I can't record a greeting via the Mic

  27. I have lost the activation contact

  28. I want to stop using Touch Voicemail?

  29. I'm having trouble using Hi Voicemail in my car

  30. I'm not receiving Voicemails - is there a problem?

  31. I'm on a Prepay (pay-as-you-go) Mobile plan

  32. Location based greetings

  33. New Zealand: How do I Deactivate Touch Voicemail?

  34. Privacy Policy

  35. Privacy Policy

  36. Send Voicemails to Email

  37. Set and Create New Greetings

  38. Some trouble getting activated during sign up

  39. Terms & Conditions

  40. Terms of use

  41. Traveling Overseas

  42. UK: How do I reactivate my carrier voicemail?

  43. UK: Three network reactivate carrier voicemail by calling 333

  44. Upgrading my Mobile

  45. USA: Deactivation code not working

  46. USA: How do I revert to my carrier voicemail?

  47. What are the steps to Activate my Touch Voicemail?

  48. What do you get with the paid PRO version?

  49. What does it mean "Internet is currently poor"?

  50. What does it mean "working offline"?

  51. What happens if I change mobile provider?

  52. What if I travel overseas?

  53. What is the difference between FREE and PRO?

  54. Who is behind Touch Voicemail?

  55. Who is Hi Voicemail?

  56. Why am I not getting messages?

  57. Why am I not getting Voicemail Notifications?

  58. Why doesn't Hi work on Prepay or Pay-as-you-go plans?

  59. Why is my voicemail call forwarding not working?

  60. Why is the volume not coming out when I play messages?

  61. Wifi Calling

  62. Will Hi Voicemail save me money?

  63. Will Hi voicemail work with my carrier and plan?

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