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UK: Three network reactivate carrier voicemail by calling 333

UK Mobile network provider Three allows you to change back to standard voicemail by calling a support number. You need to choose the correct options when you dial and you won't need to talk to an advisor to action this. We have done this for you as a guide. When complete you will receive text confirmation.

1)      Dial 333 from your mobile – NOT AT THE WEEKENDS as call forwarding options are not available

2)      Option 4 – More Options

3)      Option 2 – Anything else

4)      Option 2 – Problem with phone network or unlock code

5)      Option 3 – Voicemail and divert settings

6)      Option 1 – Divert Calls to another number

7)      Option 2 - Divert all if your phone isn’t available

8)      Option 1 - Divert to Voicemail

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